Whether it's a party, long hours at the office or just a cozy night with friends or family SUBWAY has everything you'll need for guaranteed tasty success. You can choose the bread, veggies and sauce or we can do the rest for you. Each sandwich platter is enough for 6-8 persons, for only 4599 kr.

These are our ideas for platters but please feel free to ask us about anything.


Classic Combo Platter

Everybody should find something they'll like on this one. Featuring Subway Melt, Tuna Sub, Spicy Italian and Turkey Breast. Subway Melt is a popular one with ham, turkey and bacon. The Spicy Italian is filled with spicy delicious pepperoni and delightful salami. Tuna Sub is always lovely and mouth-watering, as is the Turkey Breast Sub which is always a safe choice. Various veggies, bread and sauces makes a great sub even better.


Veggie Platter

This is a no meat platter but oh it's good. 16 various appetizing subs overflowing with mixed veggies with or without cheese - it's up to you. 5 different kind of bread and even more variety of sauces that make this platter a perfect choice.

Subway Fresh Fit

Ham, Turkey and Ham, Roast Beef and Veggie Delite. This is a healthy fresh choice for everyone, you choose which freshly baked bread you want, veggies and sauces.

Meat Party

Featuring Italian B.M.T. with ham, pepperoni and salami, Subway Club with ham, turkey and roast beef. These two with Ham Sub and Buffalo Chicken Sub make a perfect meat party that you'll dream of while waiting for your next chance to have one.

Youngster Platter

Ham and Pizza Subs are the favorite for many kids. So it's ideal to get the children something they really like that is also healthy. This platter is perfect for birthday party, class meeting or secret gatherings.

Cookie Platter

There is always room for a little dessert, especially when the dessert is freshly baked goodness. This platter is enough for about twelve persons which is amazing considering the price, only 1149 kr. 


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